janice-nabkeHello, my name is…Janice Nabke.  Like all cool kids in fifth grade, I knew that I wanted to be in Band.  I auditioned on both percussion and clarinet, but my life changed when the teacher uttered the following sentence: “Sure, you could play clarinet if you wanted to, but I have NO percussionists.”  And so it began.  I have never regretted this choice, as there is nothing like playing in a percussion section.  It is so much fun back there, I’m amazed that I didn’t get into more trouble when I was in school.

Although I never pursued a musical career, I am lucky to say that since the fifth grade I have never gone an entire year without playing in a band – whether it be through the University of Wisconsin or the American Legion.  These days I can’t get enough of the brass band, which is why I have kept dual citizenship in both Madison Brass Band and Milwaukee Festival Brass for the last 9 years.  After long days of lawyering, I am thankful to have this creative outlet (or really just an excuse to hit stuff) and that I get to make music with some of the best people I know.